Facebook group created

A public Facebook group was created for our association: ICAF – International Christian Association in Finland. You are welcome to join!

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International Church Days

Title: International Church Days
Location: Vivamo, Lohja
Link out: Click here
Description: Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian Church (Acts 2). It is the day when for the first time people from all over the world heard the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in their own language.

This Pentecost, International churches and Christian fellowships from all over Finland are coming together for a weekend celebration in the beautiful conference center of Vivamo in Lohja, 60 km west from Helsinki.

The program will offer a variety of things for young and old, including worship, Bible teaching, informal fellowship, and seminars around specific topics. The famous Vivamo Bible Village will provide two unique music drama performances set in the beautiful natural surroundings of the venue. In the brand new Children’s Village children can have a great time with special activities for them.
Start Date: 2012-05-25
Start Time: 18:00
End Date: 2012-05-27
End Time: 13:00

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Annual Assembly 20. May 2012

Location: Old Church, Keskustori, Tampere

Time: 20. May 2012, 18:00 hours

Welcome to the annual assembly of the International Christian Association – Kansainvälinen Kristillinen Yhdistys Suomessa ry. The meeting will be held in the Old Church in Tampere, after the ICCK service. All members are welcome to attend the meeting. If you are not a member yet, you have the possibility to sign up for membership before the meeting. Besides the regular items on the agenda, we will use the opportunity to discuss on the purpose and activities of the association. We are looking forward to your active participation in the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  1. Opening of the assembly meeting
  2. Election of the chair person of the assembly, the secretary, two persons to check the minutes and two persons to count the votes.
  3. Determining of the legality and quorum of the assembly
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Presentation of the financial report, the annual report and the statement from the auditors
  6. Approval of the financial report and discharge of the council
  7. Approval of the operation plan, the budget and the membership fees
  8. Election of the chair person and other members of the council
  9. Election of one or two auditors and their substitutes
  10. Discussion on association purpose and activities
  11. Any other business
  12. Closing of meeting
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Welcome to the ICAF pages

ICAF, or the International Christian Association in Finland – Kansainvälinen Kristillinen Yhdistys Suomessa ry, was established in Tampere on the 13th of March 2011. Its purpose is to support International Christians in Finland by helping them to integrate into the Finnish society, to establish connections, and to participate in sports, hobbies and education with Christian values. You are very welcome to join our activities and become a member of ICAF. See the event and about pages for more information.

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