The purpose of the International Christian Association in Finland (ICAF) is to support International Christians in Finland by helping them to integrate into the Finnish society, to establish connections, and to participate in sports, hobbies and education with Christian values. The association operates on a non-profit basis. The main language of operation is English.

The main activity of the association is the organisation of events of a general Christian nature.  This can be realised through

  • Organising cultural, discussion, and educational events and parties
  • Performing research and publish information
  • Providing initiatives to public authorities
  • Cooperating with other organisations and churches
  • Organising Christian events, camps and retreats
  • Spreading Christian literature and other materials
  • Organising introductory and study trips
  • Organising sportive and cultural activities
  • Organising charity events and exhibition
  • Participating in events by third parties in line with the purposes of the association

The current council of the association consists of:

Emmanuel Eneh – chair person (chair (ät) icaf.fi, 040-588 5822)
Henry Mugabi – vice chair person (vicechair (ät) icaf.fi, 044-5438412)
Pekka Peltola – secretary (secretary (ät) icaf.fi, 040-4803197)
Johan Plomp – treasurer (treasurer (ät) icaf.fi, 040-7187684)
Freda Lacochao – press relation (pressrelation (ät) icaf.fi, 045-1511399)
Robert Nwachukwu – member (045-8948364)
Amani Goodluck Kamnde – member (044-9661465)
Eero Niittylä – member  (040-7688338)

The bylaws of the association can be found here: in Finnish, or in English.
Applications for membership can be addressed to any of the council members by e-mail. Please include the following information:
First name:
Last name:
ZIP code:
E-mail address:
Telephone number:
Affiliation (congregation/denomination/location):

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