Panel discussion on the role of Christians in the fight against racism

Title: Panel discussion on the role of Christians in the fight against racism
Location: Crypt of the Alexander Church, Tampere
Description: ICAF organises a panel discussion on the role of Christians in the fight against racism in conjunction with the Week Against Racism. Panelists will be church leaders, politicians and other leading persons involved in multicultural work. You are most welcome to join the event.
Start Time: 17:30
Date: 2013-03-24
End Time: 19:30

Dear brethren,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

On behalf of the International Christian Association in Finland -Kansainvälinen Kristillinen Yhdistys Suomessa ry (ICAF), we have the honor to invite you personally to a panel discussion  on the “roles of Communities, Christians and individuals in the fight against racism”. The discussion is part of the week of action on racism and its goal is to share information about our activities in our various capacities as politicians and the citizens in the society and how we could, work together in our community in the task entrusted to us. Each participant is given about 2-5 minutes to introduce and tell about the activities amid his/her section.


What can be done and what  is our role as Christians in combating racism?

Mitä voidaan tehdä laajemmalla tasolla ja mikä on meidän roolimme kristittyinä rasismin vastaisessa työssä?

How can we, as policy maker and the citizens, work  together for the good of our society?

Kuinka me, politiikan vaikuttajat ja kansalaiset yhdessä, voimme tehdä yhteistyötä yhteiskuntamme parhaaksi?

What do we have in common and how  can we use and  strengthen them for the common good of our society?

Mitä yhteisiä asioita meillä on ja kuinka voisimme vahvistaa niitä ja käyttää näitä yhdistäviä tekijöitä yleiseen hyvään ja yhteiskuntamme parhaaksi?

The occasion is open to all interested persons regardless of age, gender, nationality, church or congregation you may belong.

Discussions could be in  English and or Finnish languages depending on the choice of the speaker.


The ICAF-KKYS ry association was established in Tampere, Finland in 2011. Its purpose is to help International Christians in Finland to integrate into the Finnish society, establish contacts between other Christians.

ICAF is neither a Church nor a congregation; it is an association, open to all Christians regardless of their Church denomination.

–       Organize and participate in discussions, sports events and educational activities based on Christian values.

–       Organize and participate in Christian events and retreats in cooperating with other organizations, Churches and Christian congregations to promote Christian values and where necessary, to provide initiatives to public authorities on issues regarding Christians in our communities.

Your presence will be highly appreciated.

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2 Responses to Panel discussion on the role of Christians in the fight against racism

  1. Fargo Bcn says:

    My congratulations to ICAF for a very successful panel discussion spearheaded by Mr. Emmanuel Eneh and team. The success of the discussion has not been carried out if it were not of the distinguished panelists who positively expressed their support and make a stand to fight racism and discrimination in their respective churches and communities. Thanks to: David Mawby, a Journalist from YLE/ Radio Moreeni-Finland. Revd. Father Markku Toivanen, from the Orthodox Church. Pastor Tapio Lohikko, from the Baptist Church in Tampere and Tuomiorovasti Revd. Olli Hallikainen, Dean of the Tampere Cathedral. It was a great previledge to have been a part to this meaningful discussion. I believe this is just the start of a promising collaboration among Christians from different denominations to gain new energy, inspiration and motivation to go on with our everyday struggle against racism.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Fargo (Freda), for your reply. Please see Freda’s report of the event here, or a copy in our news.

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